Host Access Control:

Host Access Control will allows you to allow or deny access to your server and services by set up a specific rules on it based on the IP address that is attempting to connect.

This tool is used to preventing access of third party other than the client.

Here we can manage which or particular IP address only allow to access all the services and other than is denyed.

Use the Host Access Control interface to allow or deny clients' access, based on their IP addresses, to the following services:

cPanel (cpaneld)-----control panel for hostingaccount

WHM (whostmgrd)------web host manager(manages the server)

Webmail (webmaild)--- webmail services

Web Disk (cpdavd)-----web disk in cpanel

FTP (ftpd)-----------FTP services(File transfe Protcoll)

SSH (sshd)-----------SSH(secure Remote access)

And also mail configuration settings 

MTP (smtp)
POP3 (pop3)
IMAP (imap)

How to set Allow or deny access for an IP address in Host access control:

To allow an IP address to access a service, follow the simple steps:

1.Enter the service name in the daemon text box.(e.g)cpanel or WHM or Webmail or FTP like that     we have to choose any one.

2.After next column Enter the IP address or hostname in Access List text box. (Mention the IP       


3.You may enter wildcards in this text box.You cannot enter a range of IP addresses with CIDR       


  That is the notation has been constructed from the IP address contains a slash ("/") character       

   and decimal number.

4. To specify a network range, add a network mask to the IP address.

5. Enter the desired action in the Action text box.The following are

     Enter allow to allow access.

     Enter deny to deny access.

6. State the rule in the Comment text box.(why are you are allowing or denying the IP address)

Click Save Host Access List, or click Reload to delete any changes.