Here i am going to guide the ways to change or update your mail record to google mail records.

so that your mails will route through google mail server.

And it can be setup for any of the other domain extensions.

Step:1 Login to your plesk control panel and select DNS settings.

Step:2 Remove or delete all existing mail records (MX)

The below image will show all your DNS records like A record,MX record ,CNAME ,NS record.
Below image have all the 3 important records and the mail record is like

Step:3 confirm before you update the new DNS

In this step once you click remove it will ask the confirmation before to remove the old DNS and update the NEW one.

Step:4 How to add new DNS Record.(A Record)

In the below image if you click the Add record option in DNS settings

Adding CNAME record:

Add the CNAME record as mentioned below,

Adding Google MX records:

​In the below step you will see how to add Google Mail records in your pleskpanel.

Click on Add Record and follow the steps below.

​Record Type: MX
Enter domain name : leave it blank​
Enter mail exchanger : As the google has update you the mail (MX) records​
Specify priority of mail exchange server : set the priority as google updated​

you want to repeat the above steps to create an additional MX records for redundancy.

Step: 5 Disabling the current mail service.

Once you add the New MX record make sure and disable the current mail service in your mail settings.

If in any other case to use wide settings instead of this custom settings which you have made then you want to do this by clicking the “Reset to Default”.

Note: Any custom records you may have added to this Zone it will be lost.

After you done all the above steps you have to wait for some time to get DNS propagate.

I hope this article post will help you to create the NEW DNS Zone for google mail servies.

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